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Post-Op Information

Discharge instructions for arthroscopy patients only unless otherwise advised

Day of surgery

Keep leg elevated as much as possible. Walk with as much weight through your leg as pain allows. Crutches may be necessary if you are unable to take your full weight through your operated leg. Place the heel of your operated leg down on the ground before the toes.

Commence hourly exercises:

  • Toe wriggling
  • Foot and ankle movements up and down
  • Static quads: Lying on your back, tighten both muscles to lock knees back as pain allows. Hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 10-30 times every hour.

Take pain killers as needed (two Panadol 4 hourly as required). Home evening of operation or next morning.

Days 2-3

  • Continue to practice above exercises hourly.
  • Commence gentle knee bending. Slide your heel up to your bottom then down again, for approximately five minutes every hour. You can practise knee bending over the edge of the bed within pain limits.
  • Commence straight leg raises: Lying on your back, straighten leg by pushing knee back and pulling ankle up, lift foot 15cm from bed. Hold 2 seconds. Repeat 10-30 times every hour.
  • Ring doctor’s rooms to confirm your review appointment for two weeks.
  • Do essential walking only.
  • Remove outer bandages on Day 3.
  • Leave the dressings that are stuck to the skin and keep these clean and dry until Day 10. If these dressings become loose or soiled they may be replaced with a light dressing eg. Bandaid. Following Day 10 no dressing is required.

Days 4-7

  • You may return to office work if you wish.
  • Gently increase activity, as comfortable. If pain or swelling increase, decrease your activity.
  • See your physiotherapist if you wish.
  • No sport, running or squatting until you have consulted your doctor or physiotherapist.

Post operative for joint replacement patients only

You will be given care instructions and precautions upon discharge. Please note for future reference that after Joint Replacement surgery you must first advise your Dentist/ Doctor that you have had joint replacement surgery and to follow the same protocol as would be prescribed for patients who have had heart valve surgery.

The following protocol is appropriate if the treating doctor/dentist is unsure of the usual prophylaxis: Amoxil 2 g one hour preoperatively – 500 mg six hours later. (If allergic to Amoxil or Penicillin – Clindamycin should be used – 600 mg 1 hour pre-operatively then 300 mg six hours later.)

Please provide this information to your dentist and keep this in your records.