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Consultation appointments can be made by calling 07 3844 0845. Prior to making your first appointment with our rooms you will need to visit your GP or other treating Doctor to obtain a referral for the condition affecting your Hip/s or Knee/s.

Please bring to your Appointment the following:

  • Referral from GP or treating Doctor/Specialist
  • Medicare or DVA Card
  • Private Health Insurance Details or WorkCover claim details [if applicable]
  • X-rays, MRI, other Scans relevant to injury or condition and/or any medical reports
  • Progress letters from Physiotherapists relevant to injury or condition
  • All relevant Medical History information including known allergies & list of your current medications

For New Patients if you can please print and complete our Patient detail information and privacy policy
For our existing Patients please remember to keep your details held by us updated e.g. Address, Mobile and Health Fund Plan.

At the initial visit Dr Nielsen will want to know where and when you experience your pain and symptoms along with other information taken as part of a detailed medical history. Follow-up appointments may be necessary to review additional diagnostic procedures where they cannot be arranged on the same day.

Our friendly team will assist you with any required surgery arrangements including choice of Hospital and provide all necessary Bookings, Consents and Surgical Fee Estimates for your information.

Payment options for Private Patients

  • VISA or Mastercard
  • Cash
  • Cheque

Patients covered under the following schemes are also accepted:

  • Worker's Compensation scheme
  • Department Veteran's Affairs
  • Third Party/Medico-Legal